How It Works:

Fresh designs, hot off the press!

At Hammer & Nail we will bend over backwards to help you design the deck of your dreams. (Do you dream about decks? We do, too!) Through an innovative heating technique, we can customize any curve or rounded edge needed. First, we place special heating blankets around the wood or composite materials. Next, we heat them to the appropriate temperature. Finally, when the material reaches its specific heat point and becomes flexible, we can custom shape every piece as needed. This revolutionary process is simple and efficient, and the results are amazing!

Curved decking: your design ideas jump outside the box and run wild

Five Benefits of Curved Decking:

deck with curved panels and bench 1) Endless design options

  • Traditional decks are limited to symmetrical shapes. Curved designs can transform awkward, non-linear spaces of your house or yard, adding flair and functionality. Where would your home benefit from a visual upgrade?
2) Valuable corners
  • Curved decks are a corner’s best friend! Rounded edges transform empty corners into useful space, they can feature curved bench seating, and we’ve even heard that our rounded corners are 99.9% less welcoming to sneaky spiders and stringy cobwebs. What would you do with some functional corner space on your deck?
3) Enhanced curb appeal
  • Whether you are preparing to sell your home or are planning to stay awhile, the elegant, flowing aesthetic of a curved deck will impress potential buyers and dazzle your neighbors. How long have you been in your home? What kind of deck improvements would boost your home’s curb appeal?
4) Minimal costs, maximum space
  • With our cutting-edge heating technology, we can create beautiful, unparalleled designs without wasting time or resources. How long do you think it takes us to build or upgrade a deck? It may be easier and faster than you think!
5) One more reason to host a party!deck with curved rails
  • A brand-new deck offers a delightful gathering spot for family and friends. Connect with your loved ones while showcasing spectacular views of the PNW and bonding over delicious food and drinks. Who would you love to host on your spacious new deck?

For More Information:

To learn more about transforming your home with curved decking, contact us at We would love to discuss the design possibilities with you!